1 PDF icon Memorandum regarding Scheme for compassionate benfit for the family member of Government Employees who died on or after attaining the age of 50 (fifty) years - Guidelines on calculation of 'Special Pension' - Clarification thereof
2 PDF icon Memorandum Regarding Tripura State Procument Council Dated 18th March,2020
3 PDF icon Valid Documents for determining the date of Birth in respect of family pensioners Dated 18th March, 2020
4 PDF icon Delegation of power Sanction of Overtime allowance in respect of staff/workers engaged for Pump Operations under PWD(DWS) Departments Dated 17th March 2020
5 PDF icon Tripura Gazette Notification Regarding Amendment of DFPRT - Dated 12th March-2020
6 PDF icon Operation of Normal Minor heads for Grants Receipts from Central Government under Major Head 1601 Dated 20th February, 2020
7 PDF icon Delegation Of Financial Power Rules - Amendment thereof - Dated 12th March, 2020
8 PDF icon Memorandum regarding New Pay Structure for AICTE employees in HRMS application Dated 24-02-2020
9 PDF icon Memorandum regarding NPS of AIS officials posted on Deputation in Various PSUs/Autonomous Bodies/ Government Undertakings dated 17th February, 2020
10 PDF icon Memorandum Regarding Stepping up of Pay - Clarification Thereon Dated 9th January, 2020
11 PDF icon Gazette Notification regarding Delegation of Financial Power Rules,2019
12 PDF icon Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 2019 , Finance Department, Government of Tripura
13 PDF icon Notification Regarding Amendment of the Tripura State Civil Services (Leave) Rule,1986 Dated 2nd September, 2019
14 PDF icon Memorandum regarding honorarium for holding full charge of duty of a higher post in same office or in same line of promotion dated 26th August, 2019
15 PDF icon Collection of Online Tender Fee and Earnest Money Deposit Management Dated 17th August, 2019