1 PDF icon Memorandum Regarding Stepping up of Pay - Clarification Thereon Dated 9th January, 2020
2 PDF icon Annual Establishment Review Meeting regarding sanctioned strength of posts thereof dated 12th December, 2019
3 PDF icon Memorandum on Clarification on Creation of posts and Filling up of posts dated 7th December, 2019
4 PDF icon Gazette Notification regarding Delegation of Financial Power Rules,2019
5 PDF icon Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 2019 , Finance Department, Government of Tripura
6 PDF icon Memorandum Regarding Rationalisation of Proffessional fee/Remuneration of the IT/ Software Personnel (other than those engaged under regular payscale) engaged in various Government Establishments Dated 23-October, 2019
7 PDF icon Modification of Rules of General Financial Rules, 2017 (GFR) (As Adapted in The State of Tripura) Dated 25th September, 2019
8 PDF icon Memorandum Regarding Salary Bill Preparation of UGC employees in HRMS dated 25th September, 2019
9 PDF icon Memorandum regarding Festival Advance Dated 16th September, 2019
10 PDF icon Notification Regarding Amendment of the Tripura State Civil Services (Leave) Rule,1986 Dated 2nd September, 2019
11 PDF icon Memorandum regarding honorarium for holding full charge of duty of a higher post in same office or in same line of promotion dated 26th August, 2019
12 PDF icon Collection of Online Tender Fee and Earnest Money Deposit Management Dated 17th August, 2019
13 PDF icon Revised guidelines on publication of Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)
14 PDF icon Memorandum Regarding National Pension Scheme - Procedure for Online PRAN Generation, Preparation of NPS related salary bills Dated 26th April-2019
15 PDF icon Memorandum Regarding Implementation of NPS for employees recruited on or after 1st July, 2018 -- Dated 22 January, 2019